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Originally Posted by Alsojames View Post
So according to you, if I don't follow the bible to the word, I'm not a Christian? In order to be Christian I have to believe that God hates gay people and women must be virgins in order to be married? That's what I'm taking away from your argument here.

No I'm saying you are a bad Christian according to the tenants laid down by your own holy book. You want to use the Bible as a source of moral guidance or as a reference point at all you can't just pick and choose the bits you like. Well you can I'll just laugh at you and tell you to go and read the thing again.

And if a method doesn't work 100%, it doesn't work at all?

Oh so it only works some of the time then? Thats not what you said before. What about when its used to actively persecute and destroy people and civilisations what about then?

And my argument in my other thread was "God doesn't have time to give a shit".

So the being that created existance... time and space, the being who created everything who is all knowing and all powerful does't have time? Why doesn't he just make time, freeze time, redirect it, he is all knowing right? Or did he just forget? Yea that makes perfect sense. Remind me why you aren't next in line to be Arch Bishop? An oversight on their part I'm sure

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