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Originally Posted by Vaz View Post
No it's not? It's not stating that at all. The paradox relates to the existence of evil being due to the existence of an omnipotent god of perfect goodness; hence if evil is present, then why does said god not do anything about it?; however, for evil to be present (as codified by the ethical and moral standards of said God), then that God must be present.


This says it better than me.
Except, as Good and Evil are subjective how can any being, even a Supreme Being, be Absolute Good? How can you be absolute on an entirely subjective subject?

If God is omnipotent and all powerful and perfectly good, and we are made in his image, then why are we so susceptible to weakness and evil as a species? Pandora's Box is hardly a good example, and neither is Eve, as they were both created in "his" image.
Well, as we are now talking about a specific God, there are several explanations for that.

Using Eve, she was not made in God's image (the only female made in God's image being Lilith) but rather made from a man. One could take this as a being (and I'm gonna get yelled at for this) that is a warped copy taken from another image. The result is that we are all inherently screwed up as our race was created from an imperfect part (if you think Adam was perfect, as he was made in gods image).

As for Pandora Box, this is just another version of the fruit of knowledge. It implies that what allowed Evil into the world (and it is not wrong) is Man having knowledge that elevates him above the other animals in the world.

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