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Originally Posted by Wusword77 View Post
My problem with the Epicurean Paradox in this argument is that you are basically saying that if people do not actively attempt to stop "evil" (which is in itself a highly subjective word) then they are malevolent. This is untrue.
No it's not? It's not stating that at all. The paradox relates to the existence of evil being due to the existence of an omnipotent god of perfect goodness; hence if evil is present, then why does said god not do anything about it?; however, for evil to be present (as codified by the ethical and moral standards of said God), then that God must be present.


This says it better than me.

Using the Epicurean Paradox all of us here are malevolent as we are not stopping "evil" that we know exists in the world. We don't actively work towards the destruction of "evil" so we must be "evil" as we allow it to continue. We should not get a free pass on being malevolent just because we can't wave our hands and "fix it" like God/god can.
It doesn't do that, though. To find that quote, I believe you'd need to look for Gandalf.

Personally I've never liked these types of debates, as I feel it either elevates Man far beyond his stature while at the same time lowering God (or a god or whatever you believe) to a mortal level. This argument raises Humans up to being the center of the universe, but brings God down to being just a security guard not doing a job.
An oversimplification. But if we do what he says and desires, and be good, yet he still ignores us, why bother worshipping him at all? Is "not worshipping" him going to cause a biblical plague? Flood to end all floods? Armageddon?

Instead of said security guard not doing his job, God has become a Racketeer.

The better question isn't why does God allow "evil" but why are we, as a species that is so willing to elevate itself to stand on par with God, not above preforming "evil" acts?
If God is omnipotent and all powerful and perfectly good, and we are made in his image, then why are we so susceptible to weakness and evil as a species? Pandora's Box is hardly a good example, and neither is Eve, as they were both created in "his" image.

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Originally Posted by Bindi Baji View Post
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