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Lux, Spartans surviving atmospheric falls without armor is made up. No where, in books or games, has that ever happened. No where, in books or games, has a spartan ever survived a direct hit from a hunter fuel rod cannon. James is a special exemption because he had his shields, and a jackal energy shield held up in front of him, and like I said, he lost his arm, his armor was badly damaged, and he was in shock. Yes, both of your examples are made up.

Game mechanics that are essential cannot be taken as canon. A spartan cannot lift 72 ton. They cannot flip a 72 ton tank. From a canon stand point, Spartan II's can lift about three times their body weight which is double what it originally was because of their augmentations. No, they cannot flip a 72 ton tank. Even in their armor, with it enhancing their strength, they would never be able to flip a 72 ton tank. It would take several spartans to flip it. It took several to push a 160 ton monument on top of a hunter. They had trouble with it, even when they got a good running start and shoulder barged it. So how can 1 spartan, who isn't even the strongest of them (not even by a longshot) flip a 72 ton tank by himself with relative ease?

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