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Originally Posted by Lux View Post
Not discounting canon at all, merely stating that tabletop from Gamesworkshop own stance, holds a lower level of canon then do the Black Library books within their mythos.

I am not stating anything is not canon, I am stating to be aware and recognize varying levels of canon within each mythos.

When debating, and or discussing comparisons between different IP's and or mythos, one should be using examples that do not conflict with higher levels of canon.

Thus if one person presents a argument formulated upon the Warhammer 40k table top as the basis of their presentation, yet the example is in conflict with an example brought forth from the black library books then the warhammer 40k table top example is discounted.

The same goes for the halo mythos when using examples, any example is fine taken from canon material however when a higher level of canon within its mythos contrast a lower level example you go with the higher level display.
But teleporting Mortarion? Dude. You can't even quote a fact correctly. You read it how you desire, replace Mortarion in that quote with anyone else, and it is a metaphor.

Can you provide me with GW's quote (or indeed quote your own sources, in particular for halo) that states that their game is anything less than canon?

The storyline is the canon. If Spartan PC dies, you reload until you continue in the story. Multiplayer certainly doesn't count. The mechanics of the game are there to tell a story in single player. Otherwise are you going to include Dawn of War? I can make a single battle company produce more than an entire chapters worth of marines. Thats in single player, as well though.

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Originally Posted by Bindi Baji View Post
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