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Hate to be the bearer of prejudice, but your 'seeing it' is notoriously... how we say... 'out there' Lux.

The game is easy enough to discount as canon: gameplay sacrifices story.

A heavy stubber is the equivalent of a 50 cal hmg. That means a Guardsman can punch as hard as a .50. One round to the chest just disintegrates the standard human, yet it takes 2 hits to reliably, mathematically kill a guardsman by wounds, and 33% of those shots are saved, essentially takes 6 hits to reliably guarantee a kill of a guardsman with a 50 cal gun. A guardsman is, admittedly, an immensely fit, highly skilled individual (according to Cadia and Tanith as example, likely around Marine or even SEAL level fitness and training and/or experience), but NOTHING human can withstand a big 50 direct hit.

And yet they do.

Not to mention in close combat they punch with the same force.

Game = canon? I think not.

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