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It is okay Darkreever, a lack of response to some thing is still a response. I appreciate your open mindedness, as well as your fairly well formulated response. Keep it up mate!

I just have this inkling, that some individuals within this thread associate their own identity with warhammer 40k to such a degree that any inclination of it as a mythos being inferior is a slight directly against their own value.

Darkeever, how much do you drink?

However I digress, spartans in the books as well as the games, have shown that their shields are quite formidable. It is almost comical how emotionaly strung the responses become of certain individuals when comparing concept versus concept, iron halo versus "halo shields". Yes let us claim each opposing argument is discrediting the opposing mythos's fluff, while exalting purely their own. When the majority of in text examples of the Iron Halo's formidably in regards to kinetic absorption varies so widely from text to text, that drawing any sort of reliable average would be comical.

Absolutely Beautiful.

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