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Originally Posted by LTKage View Post
I see you're relying on the "they can do everything" defense. Well played, Kiro the Avenger! I haven't see anything so compelling since Johnnie Cochran's Chewbacca Defense. Masterful.
Right..cause the high and mighty attitude is totally going to help get your point across. Just because you can be an ass doesn't mean you have to be one in order to convince other people.

Originally Posted by LTKage View Post
Yeah. You could say that Shields=Iron Halo.
Except it kinda isn't; a missile, tank shell, general heavy ordanance still goes right through a spartan shield whereas an iron halo projects an energy field that has a decent chance to absorb all of, or at least most of, the damage of those same weapons.

Originally Posted by LTKage View Post
Why would any non-40k military have something like a Dreadnaught?
Coincidently, halo 4 features a vehicle called the mantis. What is it? Why a bipedal machine with missiles on one arm and a chaingun on the other; their variation of a dreadnought if you will.

So why would anyone else have something like that? Because they can. (Personally I find myself asking the same question about mobile suits and mechs.)

Originally Posted by LTKage View Post
I still have a hard time understanding why Space Marines have Dreadnaughts.
Because the horrendously injured space marine controlling the thing cannot be fixed up with bionics but can otherwise still be of use in a combat situation.

Originally Posted by LTKage View Post
The Jetpack/Jump pack distinction isn't really useful because you can clearly use a jet pack as a jump pack. If anything, Space Marines lose out.
Why? From what we have seen spartan jump packs allow for extremely limited and short range mobility while the opposite is true of astartes ones.

Originally Posted by LTKage View Post
I'm also pretty sure that anyone who has ever played a video game can tell you that imperfect invisibility is still good and I'm sure that any soldier (Astartes included) would also agree. There's a reason why camouflage exists.
First, I personally hate cloaking tech in video games because it never seems to work for me. No matter how well I am hidden with cloaking, the enemy see's me and everyone starts shooting; fucking useless.

That aside, keep in mind that the Tau employ stealth technology and space marines have been able to combat them.

And finally, not gonna even bother responding to Lux's post. Seeing as it is a mish-mash of things previously said, and were answered, and double standard opinion (fluff for marines doesn't count but fluff for spartans does? Fuck off.)

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