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Well from my understanding, the official response is that God allowed the devil to exist so that he could tempt the people and test them to see if they would still believe in God despite their hardships...

If thats true, it just paints God as an ass... if he really is omnipotent and omnicognisent as is claimed, he would have known from the start that people would have turned against him etc... which means he's pretty much written off a large portion of people. If god is meant to be a loving god, such a thing shows he doesn't really give a crap.

Now people use the free will arguement in that evil exist as we're allowed to choose what we wish to do with our lives... But again, using that arguement its pretty much a case of 'if you don't behave, your screwed'. Now where is the free will in that? Yes theres still a choice.. but if your really damned for enternity for stepping out of line and that was a known fact, your hardly going to not behave yourself now are you? And thus again, prooves god as a dick.
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