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Originally Posted by CubanNecktie View Post
Very cool. Always enjoy seeing virgin forge world bits.

Another idea popped into my head while reviewing this. I remember seeing a custom commission of Horus a while back. It may have been on this forum by the Den of Imagination studio (Brovatar)....maybe.

Anyway it may have been a Luna Wolves era Horus with mace and wolf pelt on his back. The pelt specifically was made from green stuff to fantastic effect. If you're investing some serious time/resources into your SW, I would recommend picking your warlord HQ and converting it + green stuff pelts. Perhaps as one of the final touches for the army, but would be awesome imo.

I will try to find and post log if I can.

Update: Found it :D Insane work from Brovatar as always
Thanks for the link. Insane indeed! It will be a while before I get my GS sculpting skills up to that level. Actually... need to get me some GS to start playing around and practicing!

Don't leave us engineers with too much free time on our hands...
we WILL tinker around and build something!!!

Wookie's Wolfies - A Space Wolves Project Log
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