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Pretty much what Bits said.

I'd carry on as normal. As someone who believes in science, yet knows there is a possibility of something beyond our understanding that we can't explain yet that could be a 'God' of sorts, proof either way changes nothing really.

If he was proved to not exist, nothing really change and the world just rolls on as it always has. You'll still have the religious nutjobs claiming its all a lie and he really does exist and all the other dickery that goes with it...

Proove he exists however and what.... Basically we've got some big beard in the sky who's pretty much allowed humanity to ruin the planet, commit mass murder and gernerally be assholes to everyone for millennia. I should support and listen to him why? And if he does go all old school biblical everyones just gonna say 'wheres that free will stuff you talked about?'. And because of that I could see people trying to find a way to kill god, which take it back to him not existing...

So yeah.. status quo. I don't think anything would change.
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