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nice boy, daft though !
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I suppose it would depend on what "god" wanted and how much he intended to interfere with my life, if it was business as usual but we happen to have proven that he exists beyond doubt then i wouldnt suddenly change to begin worshipping "him/her" just because the situation changed.

I think this question would have far more impact for those who are worshippers, In my opinion i think science has proven that "god" as we understand it doesnt exist or is a man made idea and that religion in its various forms is just humans controlling humans for the benefit of the few.

I also believe that if god was proven not to exist beyond any doubt the world would erupt into chaos,i think there are many nations and peoples who need religion to function,if you take away the guidance and support and structure that the various major churches give to these people they would either fail or erupt.

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