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Default You Know You’re a Reenactor when:

Sleeping outside in the rain and mud is your idea of a fun at weekends.

You can identify a regiment by the curses heard from their camp.

You can’t sing without a mug of something in your hand.

You have ever spent over £300 on clothes that went out of style over 135 years ago.

You’ve ever uttered the phrase “only 68 more days ‘til (pick an event)!”

You’ve ever fondled your musket lovingly.

Your employer says: “Oh are you going out to play that war crap again?”

Your dinner guests see one of your uniforms and exclaim “Are you in a theatre production”

Your neighbor’s dog is barking due to the high frequency pitch of the fifes playing in your back yard.

You’ve stockpiled lots of candles by the back door as a reminder not to forget them.

You travel over 100 miles to sleep in a hole in the ground.

You’ve driven by some open land and thought “What a great place for a battle!”

You’ve worn wool when the temperature tops 100 degrees Fahrenheit, repeatedly.

You’ve received cuts, burns, pulled off ticks, been infested by creepy crawlies, gotten poison ivy, and still look forward to camping out every time.

You have three weapons (or more) stacked in the parlor corner.

You’ve made a career decision based on its impact on your weekends

You’ve made a vehicle purchase decision based on how well it accommodates your kit and gets into and out of fields

On Monday your business associates comment on the funny tan/sunburn line that ends at the hat line

No one will attend a war movie/historical costume drama with you

Your car sits out in the weather so your tent can stay in the garage

You spend more on a pair of reenacting shoes than on your “dress” shoes

You earn a good salary, but are always broke

Your Mailman stays confused (what the heck rank are you in the TA Anyway?)

Your kids can correct their history teachers

You fly strange flags

In the middle of summer, you dread wearing a short sleeved shirt in your air conditioned office, while you can’t wait to get to the next event, where you can dress in a long sleeved shirt, with a vest, wool coat and hat, while firing away with your musket, and then relaxing next to your cookfire.

You say "we" and "they" when discussing the political issues of the era

You forget family's and friend's birthdays and anniversaries, but you remember every weekend there is a reenactment.

You irritate a park ranger at a battlefield because you know more about the battle than they do

You have to choose between a friend's wedding or a reenactment, and you don't understand why the event isn't the right choice

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