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A Spartan 2 can flip over a Scorpion tank, which weighs about 72 tons. I can't see a Space Marine doing the same.

If you're quoting Spess Mehren books, the Halo books provide some good insight as to how insanely strong Spartans are...

Lets also not forget the text-form fellatio that authors tend to give Space Marines. Space Marines are tough, but if you want me to actually believe getting hit in the chest with a lascannon (Which can easily decommission a tank) isn't going to put them down, I have bad news.

Meanwhile, there are several occasions when Spartans take full-frontal hits by Hunters, who are wielding a weapon way stronger than any 40k plasma gun, and live. Spartans have shields too. And they can deflect air-to-surface missiles with their bare hands mid-flight. Thats how fast they are, and how accurate their reflexes are. The entire human race is getting completely ruined by the Covenant, and the Spartans can walk in and kill hundreds of them and come out with barely scratches.

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