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Originally Posted by Oldman78 View Post
Excellent painting +rep, my only suggestion would be on the modeling side and would be to drill out the muzzles on the bolters etc, it can me a pain in the ass but really makes the model pop as they say.
Ah... was thinking about doing something like that but never really though much about it as I got too caught up with the painting. But now that you've pointed it out, it is definitely going on the "To Do List"!

Originally Posted by Ddraig Cymry View Post
Looking good so far! Can't wait to see more!

Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Don't forget to drill the barrels of your bolters, would make them look that little bit better (not that they don't look good, they look really good).

What is your plan for the bases?

Most definite now on the weapon muzzles. Basing-wise, I was gonna get some basing accessories, i.e. small rocks, slates, turf, etc., and wrk out a scheme once I get the whole lot painted up. That way it will all be uniform and look cohesive as a complete unit.

Originally Posted by CubanNecktie View Post
Sounds great Wookie. For easy, quick, and awesome bases here is the vanilla process I use.

Get a Citadel texture paint so you don't need to mess around with glueing and materials. It's awesome. I would pick a colour that contrasts with your armor, but then again if you plan of doing snow, a darker colour may be best.

I like to do a wash on it. Then dry brush with 1 or 2 lighter tones...3 if you're going for a moss/swamp growth on clay/mud kinda feel. Ex. I got the redish brown clay texture, washed devlan mud, drybrushed 2 midtone greens and a mustard yellow and it looked great.

If you go with slate rock chunks and gravel detailing I prefer to glue them prior to the textured paint. Plan out the placement for easy drybrushing later. I've tried a few ways but I prefer superglue on large slate (Citadel basing kit slate always has a flat surface) and white glue on gravel, flock, sand, etc.

Quick and painless way to knock out bases.
Thanks for the tips. I've already procured some texture paints, Blackfire Earth and Armageddon Dust, and plan to use these in some way together with the basing accessories. All I'll say is watch this space!

Meanwhile... some new bitz arrived in the post today... Woohoo!!!

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