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In a fight, Space Marine, no question, what's a piddly little automatic rifle going to do against a rapid fire grenade launcher? But there are other places where a Spartan might win. In activities such as volleyball, tennis, those annoying memory puzzles and charades, Spartans could probably wipe the floor with your average space marine.

They have better manoeuvrability and have the whole 'yay teamwork' thing drilled into their skulls from day one until death. Space Marines are a little more willing to accept that one of their number can make mistakes or even become an enemy under certain circumstances, so they trust one another a little less and they aren't trained as much to work as a team.

Spartans are also able to function better with non-spartan personell that Marines with 'mortals'. The average spartan might try to help or protect a UNSC marine or civilian if it didn't jepordize the mission at hand, but most space marines wouldn't break stride trampling the guardsmen and civilians so he could talk to his CO easier or to kill one ork.

To those who would argue about Master Chief's exploits and such, take one look at the (in some cases horrendously broken and confused) fluff of characters such as Mephiston, Lysander, various space wolves and *shudder* Draigo. We're talking guys who literally live in hell and habitually slay monsters the size mountains or hold of a bajillion enemies for months by themselves with their bare hands. So, the 'best' of the spartans vs the best of the space marines, a spartan is considered impressive for killing a handful eight foot saurian guys, using machine guns, pistols and grenades, but a space marine can vaporise four or five of the physical manifestations of hell with knife and an angry yell.

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