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Originally Posted by kiro the avenger! View Post
Who would win in a fight? And why?
A typical Spartan 2 from the halo series, like master chief, or a typical space marine
Or how about a typical Spartan squad VS a typical space marine tactical squad, with say a missile launcher and melta gun
Or what about the astartes against the entire Spartan program?

I vote space marines on all accounts but won't say why exactly now as my phones low on charge.
Master Chief is not you typical Spartan 2 as he lived, the typical spartan died. 2s MAY be a little more agile but in a pure endurance, strength, intelligence , no weapons armor, or any objects that can be used to beat/strangle the other to death, besides the floor. The SMs going to win.... Spartan 2s were little more than enhanced humans, while SMs have gone beyond human. Both in armor...well the SMs going to crush the MJOLNIR armor like a coke can.

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