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They come with shields, and they should probably keep the hand weapons for the parry save like Tim/Steve says. I would personally keep hand weapons over spears even if the spears were free.

The real question is always should you give them light armor?

At the most basic level, light armor will save an extra 1 wound of every six suffered.

60 skeletons with light armor cost the same as as 75 skeletons without it. You would theoretically save 10 skeletons with light armor, whereas you could just have 15 more to begin with.

So armor is bad.

But wait! Every wound you save basically saves you 2 wounds due to unstable in combat, meaning you save 20 skeletons, which is MORE than the 15.

So armor is good.

But wait! Sometimes you suffer savable wounds outside of combat. Sometimes the S makes armor irrelevant. Sometimes the extra skeletons help kill steadfast if they actually (gasp) win a combat. Sometimes the extra skeletons hurt your maneuverability, or your wallet.

So armor is really mixed - personal preference rules the day I do not take it, myself.

EDIT: I really oversimplified the math to arrive at the number 10 above, but I don't think the number would change enough to change my point.

EDIT#2: Once I realized I wasn't doing the math justice it bothered me and I had to sort this out, because I'm a nerd like that. I started from the other end. Let's say we're saving against 100 S3 wounds. After a 5+ save and 6++ Parry, 56 armored skeletons die. That is 280 points. After a 6+ Save and 6++ Parry, 69 unarmored skeletons die. That is 276 points. My 10 to 15 comparison was way misleading. That doesn't change how all these other factors yank the value back and forth so I would still call it a personal preference... but I may try some games with light armor now and see how it feels.

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