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Default Skeleton warriors, what to give and how to rank up

I have finally satrted to get some tomb kings and I am wondering whether to give my warriors spears and/or shields, and also how it would be ebst to rank them up. I don't have much experience with fantasy but I would imagine wariors are a fairly weak unit given that they are 4 pts each basic. They only have one attack and it will be rare the opponent will have lower WS than 2 so you will always hit less than them. So I was thinking becasue of this, go for ranks of 5, so that I can get as many rank bonuses as possible and go for spears so that I at least get some extra attacks. A shield would certainly help but as soon as I get to S5 it will do nothing unless I also have light armour.

There is also the option of a tomb king/prince to give them good WS but that would only be worth it in a massive unit.

What do you think I should go for?


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