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Ok, so you said you have an issue in getting to objectives and line of sight. IMO you should ALWAYS have a CCS when you are playing anything remotely close blob or gunline Guard. Creed would be a good choice for this as he has access to all the basic orders, can give 4 orders a turn, and he has a special order that makes them Fearless and have Furious Charge, which with the Fearless makes Commissars pretty useless. If you want to mix both gunline and fast moving, I would get a Defense line, put the infantry squads and the HWS behind it, and have 3 Vet squads in Chimeras with all 3 with Plasma if you can for Chaos and all 2:1 for Flamer/Plasma for Tyranid, as the flamers will just roast any nids and the plasma will be for any Monstrous Creatures. Idk what type of Chaos you go against but if there is armour in it, then put 2:1 for Plasma/Melta and that will deal with heavy infantry with plasma and melta for any irritating vehicles Also, the vets would be able to grab quickly any objectives in there Chimeras. But you seem to have quite a wide selection to deal with Chaos and/or Nids. Just remember, low ap is good against Heavy Infantry and sheer fire if excellent against nids, and decent against Chaos. Also that list comes to about 1100pts, but I just roughing it
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