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Icon Newbie Guard – Need Help for 1k & 2.5k pts Lists.

Greetings & Salutations

I'm attempting to build a new list from existing models to face the following abominations... Chaos Space Marines & Tyranid Infestations on Fallen Imperial Worlds, primairly Urban Setting, 6' x 8' playing field. 1k & 2.5k pts limits. Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Having an especially hard time adapting from fighting Tau, Rebel Imperial Catchan forces & Orks to fighting disciples of Khorne!

I have the following units to choose from...

1x Commander Creed
1x Lord Commissar
1x Marbo
1x Regimental Advisors (Astropath, Fleet Cmdr, Ordinance)
3x Commissar
2x Engineseer
2x Ministorum Priest
3x CMD Squad
1x Psy Squad (5x Sanctioned, 1x Overseer)
1x Vendetta
4x Chimera
2x Veteran Squads (melta x3)
2x Veteran Squads (plasma x3)
4x Infantry Squads (Sniper x2, grenade launcher, flamer)
3x Special Weapon Squads (melta x3, flamer x3, grenade launcher)
4x Heavy Weapon Squads (hvy bolter x3, LC x3, auto x2, mortar x2, rpg x2)
4x Armored Sentinels (plasma x2, lascanon x2)
2x LRBT Vanquisher (2x Plasma, Lascannon)
1x LRBT Executioner (2x Plasma, Lascannon)
1x LRBT Eradicator (2x Plasma, Lascannon)
1x LRBT (2x Multi-Melta, Lascannon)
2x Manticore
1x Hydralisk
1x Colossus

Blood Angels, Captain & Assault Squad (x9+Sgt)
Sisters of Battle, Sainte Celestine & Sisters of Battle (x9+Superior)
Grey Knight, Captain & Strike Squad (x5)


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