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Default Vehicles and Cover

Hello everyone! I've been playing 40k casually for several years, but I've only just registered here today because I have some rules questions that could use the input of some experienced players. As I'm sure you can infer from the title, they concern cover saves being granted to vehicles:

1) Can infantry grant a vehicle a 5+ cover save if they obscure 25% or more of the targeted facing of a shooting attack? Page 74 of the BRB mentions that "intervening terrain or models (emphasis mine)" can fulfill the 25% requirement; I see no reason why infantry models would be excluded.

2) Page 75 of the BRB specifically mentions that vehicles do not automatically gain a cover save from being inside of area terrain, but what about when the firing unit is shooting through a 3rd unit as outlined on page 17 ("Intervening Models")? The scenario I outlined in my first question would make the infantry "intervening models," but I'm not sure if "the 25% rule" applies as this case is not explicitly covered under "Vehicles and Cover - Obscured Targets".

3) In a similar vein to question 2, what about shots fired through forests as outlined on page 102 of the BRB ("Cover Saves")?

4) Related to 3: the aforementioned cover save is applied when "if one or more models in a shooting unit have to trace their line of sight through a forest (because they're shooting at a model beyond the forest)". Does this mean their line of site has to go in through one border side and out the other? Or does a firer within the boundaries of a forest grant his target a 5+ cover save simply by shooting out?

I feel that these are important questions given the relative frailty of vehicles in 6th edition. 5+ may not be much, but I feel as though I need to take advantage of cover on my vehicles to the greatest extent possible; not being able to take a cover save could literally cost me the game.

Thanks in advance; I look forward to any replies.
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