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Lots of help here thanks rage.

true i could well swap the rangers for jet bikes. if the new ones look a lot better than the current ones i may get a few. but i dont really like the models so not got any of them but they would be a better choice with more potential i must admit.

The guardians i always find do not a lot.
however they are a troop that normally most people ignore as they are too busy shooting at the lords and everything else. but yes they don't put much out in way of anything really only there for the warlock. and a speed bump if something assaulty comes at the lords.

Wraithlords are so nice. yes the BL is massively over priced. when you realize its twice the points of a dark eldar lance. hope they change that in the new dex. however i feel having one lance on the table is always nice at 1500pts. i see lots of necron barges and a few defilers etc where i found EML just didn't get them. but yes 40 points is hard to justify when you will still need a 5 to pen those 12+ av beasts your hunting with it.

hawks are probably jumping in and out but thought the assault 6 pinning could work well against swarm lists such as orks nids. pinning could help buy me time to take them out. but point taken i may be using 10pts for a weapon i only fire once or twice a game at best. also would keep in mind their haywire grenades as a possible option / last resort for tanks / transports as they have fleet and 12 inch movement i believe.

good point about the Spinneret Rifle. however i'm normally lucky with my DS rolls and 4 shots hitting about 80% of the time and then needing 5's for glancing or pen usually works better for me than one shot which i need a 2 or 3 from and volume of shots i find helps against flyers. but you make a good point as has extra range so will test this as well.

Thanks for the advise. is lots to play with here and swap about so thanks for all those suggestions and i will be sure to test them out.

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