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Default 1500 list a bit of everything

ok I'm not sure how competitive this list would be but I'm thinking of the following for 1500pts its a little of everything.

I have lots of models and don't really get to play them all so i just started picking things i like the look of and haven't played a lot of and want to see how well they will work together

+ HQ +

Eldrad because hes so great.

+ Elites +

* Fire Dragons
5x Fire Dragon
* Exarch )
Crack Shot , Fire Pike
* Wave Serpent
Twin-Linked Shuriken Cannons , Twin-Linked Shuriken Catapults

(yes i know i should drop the exarch but i like him so i kept him in and that ignore jink / cover save shot can help)

* Harlequin Troupe
6x Harlequin , 3 Harlequin's Kiss , Shadowseer
* Troupe Master
Harlequin's Kiss

may alternate between these and 8 scorpions not sure which will go best but like having the shadowseer to provide extra cover for my lords

+ Troops +

* Dire Avengers
8x Dire Avenger , Wave Serpent
* Exarch
Bladestorm , Dual Avenger Catapults

(only way i like to run them although defend and shimmer shield has helped a few times and also i haven't had chance to play them in lower points games so want to give them an outing)

* Guardians
10x Guardians , Shuriken Cannon
* Warlock
Embolden , Upgrade to Spiritseer, Witchblade

(good cheap unit and warlock to try and help them and also sit back with wraithlords)

* Rangers
5x Rangers
why not and move through cover helps them.

+ Fast Attack +

* Swooping Hawks
5x Swooping Hawk
* Exarch
Hawk's Talon Skyleap

(just got them painted and want to play them.large blast for swarms and also good with haywire grenades can help and pinning 24 inch range shots help )

* Warp Spiders
5x Warp Spider
* Exarch
Twin Death Spinners
(love these guys super shooters and S6 can even take out some flyers with number of shots they get)

+ Heavy Support +

* Dark Reapers
3x Dark Reapers
* Exarch
Crack Shot , Tempest Launcher
(Like the models but they always get killed as soon as anyone sees them. such a shame as i love them. however may always swap for 3 outflanking war walkers with scannons as they are such a big target. )

* Wraithlord
2 Flamers, Missile Launcher , Scatter Laser
(love him and the model. )

* Wraithlord
2 Flamers, Bright Lance , Missile Launcher
(love him and the model. and 2 is better than one and the lance is worth it if i guide him )

so what do folks think. need to check but think this is fairly close to 1500pts
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