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Originally Posted by CubanNecktie View Post
Great work. I like the transitions on the fur and the washing overall.

My only suggestion is a bit of edging in a lighter blue tone - likely the same blue with some light grey or white blended in. Since the armor is a base/wash you want to distinguish between the various overlapping PA panels. See knees/legs or the elbows/arms.

The flash might be masking the highlights if you've done them, but studying the pics it doesn't look like it.

Would make the minis pop even more. Keep up the great work!
Thanks for your comments, CubanNecktie. You're quite right in that there have been NO highlighting done on these.

Main reason was it was a rush job (and still is) for the daughter as her alternate army to use at her school club. The second team of 7x Grey Hunters are currently been done and I'm planning to use the Russ Grey to layer over the washed Fang coating and if I get the time, to have edge highlighting done with Fenrisian Grey. Again it gonna be down to availability of time. Bear in mind that these will see a fair bit of use & abuse at the daughter's school club (school kids aged between 8-10).

I'm building a much larger 2k or 2.5k SW army separately with no real time pressures so that lot will get a bit more care and attention to detail. This initial set is really me getting back into the groove of painting again since my last foray back in 95-6'!

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Wookie's Wolfies - A Space Wolves Project Log

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