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I don't deny Perturabo's depiction. However it doesn't even matter... as much as I hate saying that... unless they are going to describe his part during the siege... his depiction means little to the overall Heresy. Very little contribution was given to the Heresy with this novel except for an explanation of Honsou's existance... A new take on Fulgrim... meaningless... chaos between the legions... no shit... Battle of the Abyss loyalists... again...

The problem with rating it a 6 or 4 out of 10 is how this impacts other reviews. There are a lot of 10/10's out there for this book. Also a lot of indifference. Which is fucked up if you ask me. 10/10. So I'm the outlier? You see what I mean? 8/10 is a step close to the mainstream reviews that keep on kissing author's butts. 8/10 is like.... "how could you be so picky..." I don't really understand what has become of the Heresy... but many fans have defended the recent works which many who have critisized have remained silent. Unnecessarly defended if you ask me... to give books 10/10. The Heresy isn't even taken seriously anymore.
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