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Looking at it logically, an 8/10 is 80%. That's pretty damn high. Even despite good qualities, if I had some serious issues with a novel, then that's pushing it, and I know this forum has the tendency to attribute 7+/10 to practically anything regardless of its actual merits. To me, an 8/10 is the type of book I loved at the time and could recall fondly at a later date, but still with negative qualities I could mull over. 7/10 is similar, but with more mulling and a more hazy recollection of its quality. 9/10 is reserved for something you've got to sit down and deliberate its faults and 10/10 (and some people don't even use this score) is for that once-in-a-few-years book you experience.

Given your impression, a 6/10 seems more appropriate, but honestly, if you were left with a slightly more negative impression, I don't see any harm with a 4/10. To me, a 5/10 isn't a shit score by any stretch, it just means the good managed to balance out the bad -- not overcome it.

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