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On second thought, we're going to leave this unlocked and see what happens...

But for the sake of argument, and back to the original topic... that's a freaking sweet suit of Terminator armor. The Imperial Fists one. If I had $2000 to blow right now, I'd probably be trying to get in touch with Roses and Boltshells to make a suit of power armor for me. I love all that kind of stuff...halloween is my favorite holiday, and the idea of tromping around the bars in power armour is super funny in my mind... but also, just having a suit to display in the game room would be very cool, I think.

As for the flame war that's gone on in this thread... I'm not one to rip on other people's hobbies. Unless they're furries. That shit's creepy. I mean, I don't have a lot of room to talk... I play D&D twice a week, I play Warhammer, and am an avid Trekkie. But I also was in a social fraternity and had a good six year stint of picking up random women at the bars. You can't really tell what someone's like based on their hobbies... the whole "boo virgin" thing, to me at least, comes off like sour grapes-- like shitting on talent, basically.

That being said, we're a lot cooler than the other forums about pretty much everything. We'll even be cool about disagreeing with the staff, to a point, and not ban people outright like they do on certain other sites. I know I personally use the banhammer VERY sparingly, and only in cases of spambots and unrepentantly casual racists, sex offenders, and the like-- essentially, people who are threatening the viability of the community. But there's an undeniable red line, where at no point are we going to let people shit on Heresy, the hard work that Jez and the rest of the staff have put into it over the years, or on the community as a whole. And to that end, I will back the staff, even when they may have overstepped some lines here and there throughout this thread.

I would really like to see this thread continue as a discussion about the creation of awesome 40k cosplay, and everyone go on about their business like reasonable adults. Is that too much to ask?


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