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For what it's worth, I threw my two cents on their little 'apology' post on the facebook (under my alter ego Nate Hunt, mild mannered gas station manager). Had a relatively reasonable exchange. They tried calling out a nonexistent double standard in my post and made some cheeky comment about my post making them dizzy...then they dropped that line when I explained that there wasn't any such thing in my post and that there's a difference between defending yourself in the place you were insulted and running around the net to try and start a war. Then they asked who they thought I deleted and promptly dropped that line when I pointed out that I knew they deleted everything Jez had said on their thread. hell, what drew my attention in the first place was a notification that Jez posted something there then me being unable to find what he said.

Even when they aren't deleting you they still ignore anything that doesn't make them look good. I've spent far too long in the gladiatorial pits of Rules Discussion...I know bullshit when I dismantle it.

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