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Serious note: I know for a fact that if this were posted here in one of the modeling boards as someone's personal labor of love they would be lauded by almost everyone for the about of time and care and personal expense that went into expressing their love of the hobby. We know what it means to spend way too much time and money glorifying plastic spacemen and we appreciate it in others when we see it.

However, when you go to put a price tag on it that's when it stops being a personal labor of love and badge of nerdly honor and becomes a product you're trying to hawk...at which point the cynical bastards amongst us (which is most of us, to some degree), quickly shift gears and start pointing out all the ways it's not worth the insane price, or wondering who would possibly want to buy it. Why? Because by turning it into a product you're making it impersonal. It's no longer your pride and joy and is now your bread and butter.

When something becomes business it, by nature, stops being personal. If you want to make a living off of something you need to be prepared to accept negative criticism, learn from it and adapt. If you only ever want to hear good about the things you churn out you'll never improve. It's like running a restaurant that puts out decent but not great food then going to the table and screaming at anyone who sends a plate back. Not only does it make you look shockingly unprofessional, but it cuts you off from the kind of feedback you need to make your product better.

It's one thing to stand up for yourself and believe in your work, it's another to dismiss anything negative as "haters" and live in a bubble where you ignore all criticisms.

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