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Originally Posted by Angel of Blood View Post
Soooo you couldn't tell that was a joke? Nor could one or two others somehow? Because the vast majority of us saw it for exactly what it was. A joke.

The maker of this suit didn't help himself by completely misconstruing the entire thread on the Lexicanum page on Facebook, deciding to claim the entire thread was about bashing him and insulting his work and others like him, which wasn't the case even slightly.

Though granted, having the Lexicanum fan page turning against us is about as irrelevant as Anne Franks drum kit.
Being the subject of bullying for nigh-on 20 years of school, "Dur-hurr, just a joke, mate!" was a common excuse when said "jokers" were taken to task by teachers/parents/whatever, and the event was just brushed off. Seems to me that the event in question was more than "just a joke", but more of a "Ooo-err, the cool kids have found a new guy to pick on!" situation, with the gang mentality taking over for "just a bit of fun, mate, don't take it SO seriously!"...

Rather bugs me when we basement (or attic)-dwelling neck-beards go at each other when so often WE were the victims of similar bullying...

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