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Originally Posted by Angel of Blood View Post
Well, it's not god given(see...he doesn't exist), it's just an inherent right to say what you want. Can you honestly tell me, that in your whole life, you've never insulted someone? Most people on here were joking, have you not by now realised quite a lot of us here at Heresy possess quite a dark sense of humour(hell Jezlad himself is one of the worst for this). This time it just happens that the person who made this suit incidently managed to find this and took a rather overzealous offence to it.

You,him and others seem to be forgetting that, the internet is populated by people who use the internet. How do the replies seen in threads like this still surprise you?
I shall say one last thing here. This is not aimed at any one person, despite the quote.

There is no such thing as an "inherent right to say what you want". You have the ability to say what you want, but we live within a society that has both written and unwritten rules on what you should say, and what you shouldn't.

Just because you can say something, doesn't mean you should. Take a few minutes to consider consequences before you write/say whatever just popped into your head. Consider that it might offend/be taken wrong/be a truly dickish thing to say full stop.

Too many problems today stem from a lack of responsibility for our own actions. If more people realised that you, and you alone are responsible for what comes out of your mouth, and the consequences of that, then the world would be a nicer place.

Internet anonymity doesn't change that what is being said shouldn't be being said. It's too easy a step to make from "I can say whatever I like because I'm anonymous and will never actually meet these people" to "I'll just talk like that all the time".

Also, just because you're anonymous doesn't mean the person on the recieving end isn't a real person. Try to remember that.

And I've been on this forum a long time. "Dark sense of humour" is not the same as "license to be a twat". Some things are just not funny, and should not be trivialised.

Yes, I have insulted people in my life. But if it's been inadvertant, I've apologised. If it's been intended, it's been bloody obvious. But most importantly, if it's been jokingly, it's been really obvious it's a joke, and never at the expense of personal issues.

If no-one but you can tell it's a joke, then it's not a joke.

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