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can this thread just close already.
okay so he made a suit and people go nuts over it (and not always in a good way) now before I go on, I would like to say, that I don't say this to everyone.
someone actually did say honest opinions, and none insulting comments.
but this has to stop.
first of all, its just a suit. he does this as a hobby, even as a small time job.
I know this guy personally, and let me tell you all, you would be honored to know this guy.
second of all, as said before there is a huge difference in opinions (your suits paint job could have been better) and insults (you attention whore, protect your virginity with that suit) now some of the insults were meant as a joke, so again, not talking to everyone.
and lastly. if we strip it down to the basic, it's just A SUIT. nothing more nothing less. some guy made a suit, someone posts it here, guys go nuts, he defends himself, more nutting, he apologized, AND IT STILL GOES ON.
so just close the thread. end it all, and let the guy be.
and lastly, if you had made that suit, wouldn't you have shut it off? it was even him who posted it
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