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Originally Posted by Haskanael View Post
you dont understand them because you dont know them, because it actualy was without malice. just like you say your joke was. do you understand now? get to know people before you overreact.
Oh? Do you know them well enough to know for a fact there was no malice in those statements? Somehow I doubt that you know those people well enough to know what they were thinking and feeling when they posted those comments.

Look, I don't want to see this turning into a big flame war. I reacted as I did because I fail to see why anyone needs to belittle what he accomplished in making that suit. I'm certain a lot of us have been on the receiving end of some type of belittlement from those around us because of our hobbies. We're called geeks, nerds, gamers and worse and while I'm sure the majority of us live by the statement, "I really don't give a fuck what others think", I, for one, don't think that's entirely true. I believe that most of us are bothered when that happens even if it's just a little bit. I know I am...and the reason it bothers me is because all it does is reinforce that social wall that separates us from understanding one another. I've never understood the reason to pursue that endeavor.

That brings me back to those comments here that I perceive as malicious. As part of this community and the larger gaming community, I think we rather owe it to each other to be more supportive of one another. It's not about getting the self-esteem or self-worth that we want to have, but strengthening that self-esteem and self-worth that exists it so that when those unfortunate-and hopefully rare-times when someone outside our community exhibits a snide and belittling attitude towards one of us, it will have no effect. Without any perceived effect, maybe that want to ridicule another will lessen and that wall of separation will begin to crumble.

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