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Originally Posted by ThunderHawk View Post
Seriously, if you can't take that joke, you have such low self-esteem. It is a joke, and meant to be a joke. It's a fool to be insulted by this kind of jokes. I would even laugh if one of the joke is thrown on me.

Why you can't take it as a joke? Because you have (in your own mind) fear that "gamers are not attractive to girls". Based on that fear, you bash people's jokes which alleviate your own fear, of being unattractive to girls.

Take it as a joke.

Ladies can be impressed by anything. Some ladies are impressed by your good looks. Or your brains. Or your shyness. Or your plastic soldiers. Ladies are not creatures who only look for the most handsome or the most hulky football players. They do have their own tastes, which are different. Most girls are not gamers, but some are gamers. Most men play sports, but some men don't play sport. Most men can't code a program, some man can type code very fast.

Every men and woman has their own set of standards and beliefs, where you can't generalize them into a single category.
I don't take it as a joke because I'm not reading it as a joke. You may see what, in your mind, constitutes a little harmless. I see people being purposely malicious because, in their minds, they see someone who is so much of a "geek" or "nerd" that it makes gamers look like extremists and that fills them with the fear of being associated with such individuals. Why not focus on the skill and creativity that went into the project rather than basking the guy?

My self-esteem is doing quite well thank you, as it isn't mine that is coming under potential attack. Trying to make this into some pop psychology lesson simply isn't going to work.

I am not in possession of any fear that "gamers are not attractive to girls". The fact that you read that into my statement is a testament to your own fears.

And my statement about how a woman would react? Well gosh...it's just a joke. Can't you take a joke?

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