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Default Wookie's Wolfies Project Log

So... the wolves are finally here!

Having finally worked out the various army lists that we might want to play (500 & 750 points army for daughter's school club, 1000 & 1500 points variation for my own pleasure), I'm now committing the minis to glue.

First up would be the basic 500pt army consisting of:

HQ - Wolf Guard Battle Leader with 2 Fenrisian Wolves
Troops - 2 packs of 7x Grey Hunters

These have now been primed and will be painted over the course of this week... as usual under yet another tight deadline as these have been requested for by the daughter for this Friday's School Warhammer Club*! A simply legal army to get her started with her school-mates. We'll progress to additional Elite (Wolf Guard Terminators) and Heavy Support (Long Fangs, her favourites!) units once she gets used to the general rules and tactics.

* Yes, Daddy will be painting the wolves for now so as not to distract the daughter from completing the painting of her Skaven and High Elves armies!

So here is the first picture for this log... bits all primed and waiting to be painted!

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we WILL tinker around and build something!!!

Wookie's Wolfies - A Space Wolves Project Log

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