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I often find mismatches the most fun and most instructive: learning how to play with an army to try to avoid losing is often quite fun (weirdly its less fun for an under-matched opponent who can't get to grips with a weaker enemy). Getting a draw out of a game that you could never have won is immensely satisfying.

There are some games where there is simply no possible result other then you getting utterly trounced... they're no fun for either side (so long as you aren't playing one of 'those' players) and can normally be avoided. Few players want to bother going through the hassle of getting all their models on the board to play a game with an inevitable conclusion.

Worst mismatch I ever had was my fluffy skink list against a VC infantry army playing watchtower. My army was entirely based around outmanoeuvring anything that came against it (I loved anything remotely deathstar-ish)... but when I've got a big unit of grave guard with shields sitting in a watchtower with a Lv4 necromancer healing any wounds then throwing 2D6 S4 magic missiles at my fragile units its never going to work. Didn't help that he miscast his magic missiles about 5 times during the game, rolled 10+ hits for at least 4 of them (kept taking 8 wounds off my 4 strong terradon units) and then got either the small blast S10 or base contact results on the misfire table... which he could easily heal with a single spell.
Then again I played a few games where slow block units couldn't hope to counter my mobility while I could weaken them with skinks/sallies until I dropped all my rocks to massacre a unit (often with a general/mage)...

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