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Originally Posted by Tim/Steve View Post
I've played a lot of 1k games in warm up to 2*1k doubles and its a fun points limit where you really have to think about every upgrade you take: just adding full command to everything is a very bad plan and you won't necessarily have the points for a mage, general and BSB.

we've found you can get some horrible mismatchs but generally the games work very well, but that you really need to focus on movement: with so few points on the table you get a LOT of space, so its very easy to avoid things you don't want to fight. That means that slow deathstars often suffer.
There are some units that really break the game at 1k: HPAs are horrible and if you have nothing to deal with them (and hydras are a little nastier then normal) but its the stupid steam tank that takes the biscuit... its almost unkillable for most 1k armies.

Overall I'd say that if people aren't complete cocks then its a fantastic points limit to play: quick games, lots of tactics and manoeuvring and a real focus on good lsit building... very fun.
Fortunately, I will only be playing 800 points so no Rare units above 200 points. However, I certainly agree about the movement - thank you for that tip.

Originally Posted by Masked Jackal View Post
At that low a points level, it can be really fun, quick games, but you have to watch out for some of the sillier stuff. If someone decides to play, say, a horde of Saurus or Chaos Warriors, or some specific character builds, there could be absolute Rock/Paper/Scissors going on, which is never fun. Competitively, at that low a point-level, you can't counter everything, so there'll be matches you just can't win if anyone uses something ridiculous.
I agree also.

Originally Posted by Vaz View Post
The "meta" is non existant. It's either a points level suited for balanced lists, or complete gimmick lists.

People who play 1K limits for competitive purposes are laughed on by people who play 1800/2400 limit games, where games are longer than "do you have x in your army list? no? oh, i win/lose".
However, I do not have time for large games... I just cannot fit them in. Warhammer is important but a few other things take priority. Also, the points level I play is 800 and there is a 200 points character cap, so usually there are no "unkillable" lists.
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