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Thank you Grimzag for the message you sent me.

On Games Workshop legal page, GW claims trademarks and copyrights for numerous terms. However, if you run a trademark search through the US Trademark Office and Great Britain trademark office, they have only registered a few of these terms.

So basically, they are claiming numerous trademarks that they have not registered. Common law does give you some rights if you have a trademark and not registered it.

However, the central issue in any trademark case, is the "consumer going to be confused by the source of the goods." You must have that for trademark infringement. This is a Kickstarter project created by a fan. It states that on my Kickstarter page. Any reasonable consumer would know that the source of these goods is not from Games Workshop.

Thank you very much for the thoughts. I know it is a tricky issue, but on the surface it really comes down to that.
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