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Default Protecting Swordmasters.

There no doubt that Swordmasters are a very strong combat shock unit that can deal with almost any opponent (assuming no magical buffs, etc.) in close-quarters fighting. However, with T3 and 5+ armour save, they are relatively easy to kill at range, whether using guns or magic or both.

Therefore, the only way to protect them is using magic. In a small game (i.e. > 1000 pts) where a Level 3 caster is not an option, which Lore would you recommend for a Level 2 Mage with Seerstaff of Saphery? Also, would you give the Swordmasters the Banner of Sorcery or would the Banner of Arcane Protection perhaps be a better option?

Moreover, I feel that Swordmasters could be supported with archers because unless you are fighting Chaos, enemy wizards are usually in bunkers that are either very weak (e.g. clanrat horde) or not numerous. Enough rounds of shooting and panic checks will hopefully render the enemy wizard dead and if not, the +3 to Dispel should force it to throw many dice at a spell and hopefully, kill it itself.

Please advise. Thank you.
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