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Igo Dimitar’s patience was wearing thin; which considering his naturally intolerant and volatile disposition was nothing new. The crew on the bridge could see it, and they were all busying themselves at their stations, making every effort not to make eye contact with their captain. The pict feed from Markov’s team had all of a sudden disappeared.

“Markov, what is your status? We’ve lost visuals.” he barked into the vox. There was a crackling and after a few seconds Zenaya Markov’s distorted voice responded, although it sounded distant and was breaking up.

“- - found blood - - fresh - -,” was all that came through, as the signal became more distorted.

Dimitar stood up from his chair and planted his hands on the console, scowling. “Say again, Markov. You’re breaking up.”

“- - heard screams - - quick - - can’t find - -.”

The captain’s brow furrowed in frustration. “Markov, send one of your men with a booster back to relay the signal. Do you copy?” Dimitar was becoming increasingly irritated by the repeated breakdown in communications.

There was silence for a while, before the garbled voice of Markov replied.


Dimitar got up from the terminal and span on his heel, marching with purpose towards the door. He glanced over at Lt. Varga as the big door slid open.

“Assemble another team and have them meet me on the umbilical. Tell them to break out the heavy weapons; I’m going in to sort this mess out.”

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