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Upon hearing the second scream, Markov decided that enough was enough. She was a soldier and steadfastly loyal to her comrades, so she made a split second decision and turned to her men.

“Follow me,” she said, before breaking into a sprint up the wide passageway. The others looked at each other, momentarily shocked by their leader’s actions, before running after her. Their footfalls were loud, and the sound of heavy boots landing on the metal deck plates rang up and down the corridor. There was no disguising their approach now.

They ran up the long corridor for two hundred metres before reaching an intersection, where they stopped for Markov to rapidly check the deck plans on her data slate.

“The reactor’s this way. Come on,” she said, and they resumed their breakneck dash to aid their colleagues.

It was three hundred metres or so before they reached the half-opened blast door that led to the outer reactor chambers. Markov pointed to the open circuitry of the control panel and Mavidenko went over to it, pulling tools from his pack.

“Markov. There’s blood here,” exclaimed Bodan, kneeling on the deck and running his finger across a red smear on the floor.

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