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Thanks guys! It's always good to receive comments from the community (I accept positive, creative and constructive; just not negative)

@Alasdair - How am I going to paint this thing? To be honest, that's a question I'm trying not to think too much about! Although I do know some professional painters who I may have to conscript for the task! But yeah - it's gonna have to look like it's gone through 10,000 years of weathering...

+++ WARNING +++




Small doors will be prevalent within the structure of the space hulk, leading to all manner of areas, from barracks to medicae bays.

For this concept I am trying to combine the aforementioned architectural styles; namely Gothic and Industrial. The industrial shapes are heavy and angular, since I want to give the impression that these doors are solid one tonne slabs of metal. They are hinged and have conventional handles (I may or may not add a handwheel or lever-action locking mechanism). At the top of each one is a test eagle, which I will probably remove for more functional areas of the vessel.

Iím currently working on an open version of the door, since these will be working, hinged models in the final space hulk.

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