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It's just an edit ;) On the list, I only play BA so I won't touch the SW side.

Sanguinary Priests have a 6" effective range towards units, not models. One might be able to cover both squads; it's how I have played them to decent effect.

That being said, I would drop a priest and change the power fists to axes in the assault squads. There's 85 points extra thus far. You're still hitting at AP2 and I1, ten points less and S6 gets the job done most times. Melta bombs if you really are facing some mech otherwise.

Your Librarian CAN'T mix codex and BRB powers. Two BRB powers or two Codex powers as per the BA FAQ on GW's site. Epistolary only allows him to cast two powers per turn. Not a worthwhile upgrade when you can just give him a jump pack to keep up with those units for 25 points less.

That's 115 points saved through my three suggestions.

I strongly suggest that you find yourself some anti air, unless you know for a fact your opponents don't use fliers. Otherwise your list will be torn asunder by them.

You should also add special weapons to your Assault squads, otherwise they're use will be rather limited.

EDIT: Oh! and a Heavy Flamer for that Furioso. A HF on there comes in real handy sometimes, much more handy than a Stormbolter if you can find the 10 points.

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

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