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Originally Posted by Tim/Steve View Post
The first is better: full command is normally a waste in low points games, especially since it doesn't look like the priest will hie in the saurus units. That makes the champs there only for +1 attack and the musician is fairly pointless anyway.

24 is a much nicer number for a unit as well as you get the options of being 6 or 8 wide while 20 can't really go wider then 6, which means you've got less options.
Indeed, but a particular concern would be ethereals. The only reliable way of destroying them is to distract them with the Skinks and the Salamander, which buys the Saurus two turns of movement. However, for this tactic to work, I must hide the Skink Priest with my Saurus unit because the Skinks are needed as chaff and I cannot afford to concede 190 VP - but this only applies when facing a VC player fielding two 5-man Hexwraith units though an ethereal Black Coach with Fly isn't pleasant either.

Is my concern about Ethereal unit at 800 points justified? Or am I creating a storm-in-the-tea-cup situation?
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