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Borski could see what looked like Temmov desperately trying to haul his bulky suit over the lip of the blast door. His hands were frantically clawing, looking for any purchase on the smooth metal, and he was crying out for help. Churian was moving towards him, reaching out with gloved hands. Borski was sprinting back down the short corridor to help his shipmate out, but stopped just short when, with a sudden jerk Temmov was yanked backwards to disappear behind the door, screaming in pain and terror.

“No! No! Aaargh!” There was a sickly tearing sound, followed by a crunch and then silence.

“Temmov!” yelled Churian. “Gregor!” He spun round to face Borski.

“Give me a leg up. Quick!” the officer shouted. Borski dearly wanted to just turn and run, but his loyalty to his crew mates outweighed his fear, so he lunged forward, slamming his back to the wall, planting his feet and clasping his hands together in front of his groin. Churian wasted no time and shoved his boot into Borski’s palms and pushed himself upwards. As he reached the lip of the blast door, he paused to draw his plasma pistol, took a breath and in one swift movement was looking over the top, gun in both hands, ready to shoot whatever had attacked his comrades.

But there was nothing there. No sign of any attacker and no sign of his crew mates.

“They’re gone!” Churian whispered loudly through gritted teeth.

“What do you mean, they’re gone?” was Borski’s disbelieving reply.

“I mean, they’re gone. There’s no sign of them. No bodies; nothing.” After a few seconds as he scanned the corridor with the light from his torch, Churian finally leapt down onto the floor, and stood up next to Borski.

“I saw blood on the deck,” was all he said.

Borski grimaced in despair and felt anger rising within him. “Temmov! Gregor! Can you hear me? Temmov! Gregor!” he yelled over the vox, despite the fact he didn’t expect a response.

He looked into Churian’s eyes through the slit in his visor.

“We’ve got to get the frag out of here,” he said.

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