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Originally Posted by Hasnat View Post
Thank you for your suggestions, the out-moving one is the most interesting because any flanking unit with have to be decent to survive 8 S4 attacks.
not really: they're only WS3 so most elf types (WS4+ T3 5+ sv no parry) would be taking 2.2 wounds a turn.
A unit of 25 HE spearmen flank charging a 4*10 hoard of saurus would take about 2.2 wounds, but would inflict about 2.2 wounds back (if saurus have shields)... that means the fight comes down to their 3 ranks, flank and charge. End result would be a Ld3 cold blooded test for the saurus who would be at serious risk of massacre and very unlikely to pass both the break and reform tests (if they did get lucky and passed their break test chances are they would have another, almost as bad one to face the next turn).

2 blocks of 24 saurus at 800pts would be pretty evil as you are unlikely to face many of the units that could just pile straight through you and with 2 mutually supporting units it'll be very hard to flank charge either with a strong enough unit to beat them outright (and all but impossible to charge both flanks simultaneously). This would force people down the road of charging with their strongest units and hoping for the right spells to get through to turn the fight in their favour which is a pretty risky strategy at the best of times.

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