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Lots of options here.. depending on what you've got.

Combat- if you a have a more powerful unit then use it, that works for when you have to use augs/hexs to rebalance the fight in your favour... not my desired method.
- flank them with a 'strong' unit but one that couldn't take them on in a fair fight. If you have the ranks to break their steadfast then all you need do is a few wounds and you should break them: 3 ranks, flank and charge gives you +5 res over them (assuming both have standards) and you should only be facing 8 attacks max which shouldn't do more then 3 wounds to anyone. Do a couple of wounds and those lizards should break.
- double flank them. Send in weak units to either side and don't die... you will be unlikely to win, but you'll also be unlikely to die anytime soon. It should keep them contained for a while, wither for you to bring up something stronger to flank with or to win by other means.

Magic- a pit of shades could rip that unit apart while a purple sun could quite easily massacre 80% of that unit in a single casing... either way get a bit of luck and they'll instantly be reduced to nothing more then a minor nuisance.

Shooting- um yeah, you might be fucked if this is all you have. Probably best to resort to the tactics below...

Or use my proffered method: avoid them entirely.
I like to play by the idiom: "don't do what the enemy wants you to". If they put a strong, slow combat unit on the table opposite you then they want it to get into combat... so don't let them. Its slow enough that you could just sit at the back of the board and avoid it for 4 turns without doing anything. Put a bit of effort into it and avoiding an M4 unit for 6 turns is rarely much harder, especially if you have a couple of units that they can't expose their flanks to.
If they've brought something with 40 saurus in it (or somehting equally nasty) then the other 2 units that they muct have on the board will be VERY weak, so go kill them. That'll net you the +100vp you need for the win with no need to defeat their uber unit.

In small games I value manoeuvrability much more highly then strength: next month I'm going to a WFB doubles tourny with an even more jokey army then normal: a goblin gunline. But a big part of my list is a big wolf rider unit: its too strong for anyone to allow to charge their flanks so any uber unit will have to face it each turn and with fast cav and M9 I can just dodge out of their charge arc each turn... until I fail animosity and charge straight to my death (I'm taking goblins... winning will be a bonus).

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