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Alawat Khan, bedecked in his full battle regalia and surrounded by his personal bodyguard of armored horsemen strode out before the gathering horde. His steed huffed and snorted as its hooves tore at the ground but the Khan controlled the beast. Halting his cohort, he turned to face the mass of humanity before him. The men had feasted well after their conquest of the city, though the Khan forbade loot and pillage, as these new lands were to be brought into the fold peaceably. Some of the conquered Puplori even volunteered to join their new leaders army, as they knew full well the weight of the Shadow pressing from all sides.

Taking his helm in one hand, the Khan spoke: "Men of Kogan-Sul! We have been victorious here! Though we lost many a good man, the wickedness of the Puplori is no more!" The Khan paused for effect as his army bellowed in applause, sword and spear struck upon shield in the glorious cacophony of his war machine. "Those of you who have decided to join us in the battle with the Shadow in the East, I salute you. You are made of better stuff than the rest! We will make horse-men of you yet!" Again, the throng roared its approval. "Rest assured, we will conquer the Shadow! They are weak, where we are strong! A thousand-thousand hooves will trample them to dust and send them back from whence they came!" The roars were deafening even as the Khan replaced his helm over his plaited hair.

The Khan issued the order, and the vanquishing contingent of the Northern Expedition made its way back to the shadow of Mount Kogan. Riders were dispatched to rally the other forces, and they would rendezvous in Kogan-sul to resupply before beginning the transit of the Republic's lands to the front with the Shadow. Mafis had informed the Khan by correspondence that additional troops were constantly being readied for the coming battle, and the construction of new Training Halls was underway in all of the provinces.

Troop Movements:
15,463 Heavy Infantry from 26 to 28
12,908 Artillery to from 26 to 28
90,474 Heavy Cavalry from 25/26 to 28
40,000 Archers from 25/26 to 28
95,642 Light Cavalry from 25/26 to 28
185,000 Conscripts from 25/26 to 28

Training Halls 25,26, 27, 28, 29

1000 Heavy Cavalry 25,26, 27
1000 Heavy Infantry 28, 29

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