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OK, let's get a couple of facts straight. Yes, there is a heavy emphasis on Space Marines in 40k, and there always has been. They were one of the original armies, and GW has pushed that from the beginning. However, it is also important to realise that 40k is a setting in a future galaxy, with the emphasis being on the Imperium of mankind. If we were doing this from say, the Eldar's perspective the whole thing would have been set in their prime. Or from the Necrons' etc.

The point being, there's more emphasis on Marines because the setting of 40k focusses on the Imperium. Thus we see their factions more often, and thus they are more popular - basic rule #1: more attention = more people playing. The xenos are the extras, not even the main antagonists in this setting. GW could have completely not bothered with xenos factions and left it purely as the Imperium vs Chaos. Yes, Imperial Guard and Ordos forces arguably see less attention, but really that's due possibly due to a lack of variety in the former's case, and (through GW reasoning) a lack of sales on the latter's part, with reference to Sisters.

In short:
1. Space Marines are the original concept of 40k, and so will always be pushed harder than other factions.
2. This is also because they sell well, which perpetuates itself into getting Marines more attention.
3. In an Imperium-focussed setting, xenos are going to see less attention than Imperial forces. Because they're like the icing on the cake of Man vs Chaos.
4. Why are you complaining anyway? This is the highest activity of any xenos updates we've seen in years - Eldar, Orks and Tyranids are all rumoured to be on the way, with Necrons and Tau now fully competitive, and Dark Eldar at least aesthetically playable.

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Spanner's got some great advice as well... Listen to that wise man.

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